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0 - 11.3.1 Contact with the net

Contact with the net 11.3.1 Contact with the net by a player between the antennae, during the action of playing the ball, is a fault. The action of playing the ball includes (among others) take-off, hit (or attempt) and landing. 11.3.3 When the ball is driven into the net and causes it to touch an opponent, no fault is committed.
1 - Games Played

Teams will play 2 games each night. There are 3 matches in each game. Matches are worth one point each.
2 - Scoring

The first two matches are to 25 rally points and third is to15 rally points. Capped at 27 and 17. (Ahead of the third game, if both teams agree and have time to play to 25 rally points they may).
3 - Let Serve Rule

It is in effect.
4 - Minimum Number of Players

Teams are permitted to play with only 5 players, however 5 players is the minimum with or without injury.
5 - Injuries

Should a player be injured during play, that team is allowed to continue without default, providing 5 players remain. There is no need for maintaining a ghost position.
6 - Substitutions

Unlimited substitutions are allowed, however, once "pairs" are established they can not be broken.
7 - Libero

The use of a libero is left up to the teams, however the following rules apply. Teams must identify the libero prior to each set; this cannot be changed during a set, but can be switched between sets in a match.
8 - Service Toss

Only one service toss is allowed
9 - Courtesy Rule

When playoffs approach, be courteous of keeping your regular team members and not stacking your team. Try to have a player participate in at least 4 regular games before playing in the playoffs. We do understand that things come up and it may leave your team in a tight spot, but try and be courteous of the other teams that have been playing all year.
10 - Unsportsmanlike conduct (2 strike rule)

Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. If this behavior is occurring, please inform your division rep ASAP. They will then get in contact with the President and a warning will be issued based on a committee decision. If this behavior occurs again, inform your division rep of the matter and a committee meeting will be organized to decide what action needs to be taken. One warning and a 5 point deduction will occur and if there is a second warning team/individual will be asked to leave the league. Ladies, please be considerate of others, we are all grown ups!
11 - Ball Size

Please use regular size volleyballs
12 - Contact with the Net

Contact with the net by a player is not a fault, unless it interferes with the play.
Players may touch the post, ropes, or any other object outside the antennae, including the net itself, provided that it does not interfere with play. When the ball is driven into the net, causing it to touch an opponent, no fault is committed.
A player touches the ball or an opponent in the opponent's space before or during the opponent's attack hit.
A player interferes with the opponent's play while penetrating into the opponent's space under the net.
A player's foot (feet) penetrates completely into the opponent's court.
A player interferes with the opponent's play by (amongst others):
- touching the top band of the net or the top 80 cm of the antenna during his/her action of playing the ball, or
- taking support from the net simultaneously with playing the ball, or
- creating an advantage over the opponent, or
- making actions which hinder an opponent's legitimate attempt to play the ball
There was a couple of questions regarding the 'new net rule' at the registration night. The possibility of implementing the new rule was discussed and it was decided in order to prevent disagreements regarding the net rule, teams are to play according to the old rule. To actually have the new net rules enforced we would need to have carded officials reffing the game. If you touch the net call yourself on it and play stops.

Rules for all gyms


Please respect the property

Please clean up after yourself

Please be ready to go when your games start

Please be courteous to all staff members at the facilities

   Additional Information


Volleyball will not be cancelled unless the roads are closed.  If it is cancelled an email will be sent out and we will phone the team contact.

If a team chooses to cancel – they forfeit their matches.

If two teams choose to cancel due to roads, they can either set up gym time on their own time and cost, or choose to spilt the points 1 and 1 and leave the third.

Please enter the scores on the website within 48 hours. 

If you are looking for players, or a team to play on please check the website under looking to play.

*Registration will only be accepted when both the fee and registration form are handed in together. This year’s registration fee is $700.00

Certified Cheque, Cash or Money Orders only.

If a team is not ready to play with 5 players, 15 minutes after the scheduled start time, they forfeit that match. If their 5th player shows up for the remaining matches, the games go on as normal.

At Christmas all Divisions will be looked at and if changes need to be made, they will be done at this time.

*When choosing your 2 team contacts, please keep in mind to choose someone who can check their email regularly and who can input score on a regular basis.  If there are changes, your division rep will contact your team contact(s) by an email/phone call or both.  It is then your team contacts job to ensure they are checking their messages and informing their team, as well to inform their rep that they have received the message.


*Entering Scores- Winning teams will be responsible for entering scores. Team contacts have 24 hours to input their scores.  If scores are not entered, the website manager will consider the games a loss and the losing team in have 24 hours to request the points.  If no team enters or requests the points no points will be rewarded to either teams.

 When playing games ensure that your team is playing by the rules!  If you carry the ball, touch the net, etc… please play an honest game and admit the fault.  If there is a call being stated in regards to these rules, please re-serve the ball and continue the game.

To help avoid confusion and to resolve problems faster, make sure that you are directing your questions to the right person. If you are experiencing website difficulties contact the website manager, ALL OTHER CONCERNS, please contact your division rep.


 Thank you to everyone who is volunteering this year… your help is greatly appreciated. Without your help this league would not be possible!