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GRAVE DIGGERS Jen Warner 4035060741 Jd_my_trash@hotmail.com Alesha Doblanko 7806197397 aleashadoblanko@yahoo.ca
KISS MY PASS Trina Scriba 4038962413 trinascriba@hotmail.com Rena Martens 4038724625 Boehawk@hotmail.com
NEW RECRUITS Ricki-Lynn Boorman 4035970037 boomanr@hotmail.com Jess Jorgensen 4033029192 cjmjor@telus.net
NICE SET OF HITS Melanie Campbell 4033487367 mcampbell85@hotmail.com Amy Lightbrown 4038449254 amyleelightbrown@gmail.com
NOTORIOUS DIG Amanda Bouteiller 4038962708 Amandabouteiller9@gmail.com Mallory Rose 4036381949 mallory.rose@live.ca
SET TO KILL Dani Van Alstyne 4037856379 dvanalstyne@hotmail.ca Tashelle Loov 5877848118 tashelle_m_vdschee@hotmail.com
SETSY AND WE KNOW IT Dominique Meinen 4033040791 dominiquemeinen@hotmail.com Jena Duncan 4035064015 Jenalee.duncan9@hotmail.com
THE GOODS Mel Wildeboer 4033528588 rmwildeboer@gmail.com Val Ingwersen 4038774541 scovafarms@hotmail.com
TOP DIGS Carrie Sawula 4033419572 carrie.sawula@rdcrs.ca Jennifer Webber 4033928765 jlwebber@hotmail.com
TRIPLE THREAT Sandra Lesyk 4038727931 Sandra.lesyk@gmail.com Elisa Gruttennk 4037049580  
WILL WORK FOR SETS Danielle Newton 4033028080 d.newton4@hotmail.com Jaclyn Price 4035973260 j-neufeld@hotmail.com
WSU Dana Keith 4035560088 danaa.gans@gmail.com Allison Christensen 5878771557 Allison.christensen@rdpsd.ab.ca